SlideShare: Famous Movies Filmed in Seattle

Looking to get out and explore Seattle? How about taking a road trip to find the Seattle filming locations of these famous movies! You can find the perfect vehicle for your next road trip at Honda of Seattle. Contact us today for more information or to speak with one of our helpful staff about a quality pre-owned or new Honda vehicle.

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Infographic: Honda HR-V at a Glance

Learn some quick facts and details about the Honda HR-V compact crossover in this infographic!

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Studies Show Backup Cameras Help Reduce Accidents

Every driver on the road is someone’s beloved family member or friend. Today, vehicle manufacturers are working to create safety technologies that keep you, and the people you care about, safer on the road. Recent developments in vehicular safety have proven particularly effective. Backup cameras, capable of warning drivers of a potential rear collision before it happens, are quickly becoming an industry standard in safety.

How Backup Cameras Work

Backup cameras, officially referred to as rearview video systems (RVS) are designed to prevent rear vehicular collisions by providing an image of the area directly behind the vehicle to the driver. When a driver shifts their vehicle into reverse, the RVS displays a live image on the dashboard or small rearview mirror screen. The field of view includes a 10 by 20 foot area directly behind the vehicle, which is normally completely invisible to the driver.

Minimizing Blind Zones

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) estimates that 292 people are killed and 18,000 left injured each year by drivers who back into them, usually in driveways or parking lots. Young children and elderly adults make up the bulk of the victims. Unsurprisingly, sports utility vehicles and pickup trucks are involved in more rear collisions than smaller cars due to their larger blind zones.

An IIHS study was conducted with 111 participants driving a high-volume midsize SUV. A child-size crash-test dummy was put in the vehicle’s backing path after the participants were told to reverse out of a parking spot. In some cases, the dummy was stationary behind the vehicle, while in other cases it moved into the vehicle’s path from the driver’s side. Few drivers hit the moving child, but nearly four times as many participants hit the stationary hazard.

With RVS and collision sensors added to the SUV, many drivers still crashed into the stationary test-child. However, participants using solely the backup camera were the most successful at avoiding collision, more than even the camera and sensor system combined.

The Future of Safety

Many of today’s manufacturers are taking full advantage of this and other safety technologies. Honda’s rearview camera system even offers three different viewing angles (normal, top-down and wide) to maximize the driver’s field of view and further decrease the chance of an unfortunate collision. The technology has proven so effective that, by May 2018, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will require its installation on all new cars for sale, regardless of make or model.

Safety and Technology at Honda of Seattle

At Honda of Seattle, we’re dedicated to giving back and supporting the community. It is our goal to help each and every driver find the best and most safe car, truck or SUV for their needs. With low finance rates and no hidden fees, you can be sure you’re getting a new or pre-owned vehicle for the best price. Contact us online today or visit in-person for more information.

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2017 Honda Ridgeline Captures Top Safety Pick Among Trucks

The latest model of Honda’s sports utility truck, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline has proven to be one of the safest pickups on the market. Here are just a few of the reasons why the Honda Ridgeline is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) first four-door pickup to earn a five-star safety rating and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) “Top Safety Pick-Plus” for 2017.

Rollover Ratings

After two years of being absent from the market, the Honda Ridgeline has returned with an all-new redesign. The chassis has a more rigid structure, especially when compared to the original model, improving the vehicle’s overall stability and safety. The IIHS awarded the Ridgeline’s structure and safety cage with the highest possible rating across all collision tests, including front impact, side impact and rollover accidents. Measurements collected from crash-test dummies indicated a low risk of any significant injuries to the driver or passengers, when other proper safety precautions were taken.

Safety Through Technology

In addition to its stronger chassis, the 2017 Ridgeline comes equipped with the latest in Honda Sensing technology. A suite of safety features ensure the driver is aware of surrounding vehicles and hazards at all times, drastically reducing the chance of collision.

  • Honda’s Blind Spot Visibility system alerts you when approaching vehicles are detected, so you can change lanes without worry.
  • Honda LaneWatch™ displays live video on your screen when you flip on your turn signal to reveal almost four times more than the passenger side-mirror alone.
  • The Multi-Angle Rearview Camera allows you to reverse without risk of collision. Three different viewing angles (wide, normal and top-down) ensure you’re able to see almost everything behind you.
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™) causes the vehicle to brake when it senses an impending collision with a vehicle in front of you.
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) can help drivers stay in their lane by detecting unwanted drift. When activated, automatic steering adjusts to keep you centered if you begin to leave the center of a detected lane without signaling.

Honda Sensing technology is being made available across all models, including the Ridgeline, helping drivers avoid collisions and reducing the severity of any accidents that might happen.

Shop New and Pre-Owned Hondas in Seattle

Honda of Seattle is working to make car buying simple. With no hidden fees or commissioned sales team, the price you see is the price you pay! View our inventory online or visit us in-person to test thousands of vehicles, all under one roof. Every vehicle purchase comes with a complimentary seven-year/100,000 mile Limited Powertrain Warranty, Roadside Assistance and two years of free oil changes! Contact us today for more information or to speak with our dedicated staff!

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