A History of the Honda Civic Coupe

honda civic coupe

Your favorite sporty coupe is back in action with the new 2017 Honda Civic Coupe! Though Honda continues to innovate and redesign the coupe’s interior with state-of-the-art technology to make the drive more enjoyable for you, they’ve never lost sight of that certain something that made you fall in love with it in the first place. Find out how the Honda Civic Coupe became one of America’s best loved models and maintained a following for more than 20 years!


While Americans were reeling from Watergate, the first Honda Civic arrived from Japan in 1973. In addition to its unique, quirky design, it offered the best front-wheel drive and independent suspension around. With room for four people along with its exciting manual gear shift system, the 1973 Honda Civic changed the way Americans thought about small vehicles. The domestic compacts available at the time simply couldn’t measure up to the Civic’s amazing capabilities.


In 1993, Honda introduced drivers to the sporty style of their Honda Civic Coupe. With the debut of advanced safety features for both driver and passenger, the coupe model took the reliability of the original Civic and transformed it into a stylish but safe must-have. This model targeted younger drivers and those who sought a more exciting driving experience by including an enhanced stereo system and larger, sleeker wheels.


After more than a decade of practical yet small updates to the Civic Coupe, Honda turned the tables and debuted a brand new design for their Civic models. With a fresher, more modern design and increased visibility, the new Si coupe offered more power, drivability and beauty than ever before. The Honda Civic Coupe Si transformed consumers’ expectations by providing a car that is both fun and easy to drive.


Nowadays, Honda knows exactly what its consumers expect in their new vehicles. The Civic Coupe now offers more customizable options than have ever been featured in any Honda. From manual to automatic transmissions, drivers can decide how they’d like to enjoy their journeys. Civics now provide the most fashionable hybrid options on the market, displaying Honda’s dedication to fuel efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Find Your Honda Civic Coupe Today!

When shopping for your new Honda, you can rest easy knowing the Honda Civic Coupe can fulfill all your driving needs while still offering a head-turning design. Find your next dream car today at Honda of Seattle! To learn more about our large selection of Honda Civics, contact us online or call 206-382-8800.

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