Honda Accord: The Perfect Size for Any Lifestyle

honda accordShopping for a brand new vehicle can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. Once you’ve decided you’d like to commit to a reliable, new Honda, how do you narrow down your choice of models to the ones that will best suit your lifestyle? Luckily, you can have your cake and eat it, too. The award-winning Honda Accord is perfect for any driver. Whether you love a sporty look or want room for all your favorite people, the Accord has it all by offering three incredible sizes, all of which are endowed with the quality you’ve come to expect from Honda.


Love the drivability and reliability of the Honda Accord but want something sporty that makes a statement? The Honda Accord Coupe can provide the perfect balance of substance and style in the most comfortable and head-turning fashion. Enjoy high-class design inside and out with the spacious, leather-lined cockpit and gorgeous exterior paint in colors such as Black Pearl and San Marino Red. With a technologically advanced interior, driving has never been so comfortable and convenient. Smart climate control and push-to-start systems ensure your experience is smooth and easy, while the full moon roof offers light and breezes that add excitement to your commute.


If you’d prefer to have enough storage space for all your precious cargo, the Honda Accord Sedan is the obvious choice. Buyers can enjoy more room for their most important items and loved ones while still showing off the distinguished style for which the Accord is renowned. The sedan offers amazing colors like Basque Red or Champagne Frost while also providing convenience and innovation in the leather-accented interior. With a design that focuses on ergonomics and comfort, you can enjoy any drive in style.


Looking for the best in style and functionality with a focus on innovative technology? Honda now offers the Accord Hybrid that can fulfill all these needs and more. The Hybrid’s unique angular exterior is available in eye-catching hues such as Modern Steel and Mandarin Gold, complemented with chrome trim. In the cockpit, leather accents and customizable, ergonomic seating cradles you in comfort during any drive. With dual climate control, the Hybrid is perfect for road trips with friends and family. Finally, because it’s a Hybrid, this Accord model provides more storage, more motor power and sporty speed combined with smart technology to protect you and your precious cargo.

Drive Off in Your Dream Car Today!

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect new vehicle that can fulfill all your needs. Honda’s Accord sizes can provide the ultimate driving experience for any driver regardless of lifestyle or personal tastes. Find your new Honda Accord today at Honda of Seattle! To learn more about our available models, contact us online or call 206-382-8800.

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