Honda HR-V: A Capable and Convenient Subcompact Crossover

When looking for a new vehicle, most people are forced to choose between utility and fuel economy. You don’t often find an SUV or truck with great gas mileage. Fortunately, Honda has developed a vehicle to specifically meet the needs of drivers who require both cargo space and fuel efficiency: the Honda HR-V. The extensive capabilities and convenience of the HR-V make it the perfect crossover SUV for consumers who demand a versatile vehicle that also features exceptional fuel economy.

Honda HR-V A Capable and Convenient Crossover

From Concept to Crossover
The official Honda website states that the HR-V acronym stands for Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle. Originally released in Japan in 1998, the first generation of the HR-V was created to cater to the demand for vehicles with the cargo-carrying benefits of SUVs and the performance of smaller cars.

The first HR-V to arrive stateside is actually the second generation, which was unveiled at the 2014 New York Auto Show. Today, there are three distinct models of the HR-V available, each with more features than the last.

  • The LX comes standard with:
    • Multi-angle rearview camera
    • 60/40 split second row seating
    • Available all-wheel drive
    • And much more

 The EX offers all available LX features, plus:

    • Heated front seats and mirrors
    • Automatic climate control
    • Push button start

 The EX-L Navi includes all features of the EX, as well as:

    • HD radio
    • Leather-trimmed seating
    • Satellite navigation systems
    • Roof rails

Versatility by Design
The Honda HR-V is designed to provide you with as much, or as little, space as you require. Magic Seat® functionality allows you to fold down both the rear seats and the seat cushions, allowing you to maximize rear storage and carry tall cargo upright. The 60/40 split seats mean you can fold down one side or the other for whichever cargo option suits your needs, providing up to 58 cubic feet of space.

All models also come with all-wheel drive, meaning you’ll be able to maximize traction in any weather or road conditions.

Safety Through Technology
Along with all its conveniences, the HR-V is designed to keep drivers and passengers safe. The Honda LaneWatch™ system activates whenever you turn on your right turn signal, allowing you to see more than offered by the passenger-side mirror alone.

A multi-angle rearview camera ensures you always know what’s behind you. The three different views, normal, top-down and wide, allow you to get a better view from any perspective.

The HR-V also comes equipped with Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) to counteract oversteer or understeer to keep you centered on the road at all times.

New Honda Vehicles in Seattle
Starting at $19,465 MSRP, the 2017 Honda HR-V is an affordable and efficient subcompact crossover SUV designed with features to ensure optimal functionality. If you’re looking for an HR-V of your own, contact Honda of Seattle today. We’re dedicated to the people and community of Seattle, and promise to do our best to meet your transportation and service needs.

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